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Jingda participated in the 12th Shanghai International Powder Metallurgy Exhibition in 2019.
2018-03-06 13:40:58
From March 25 to March 27, the 12th Shanghai International Powder Metallurgy Exhibition was successfully held in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall in 2019. As an exhibition of new products and technologies in powder metallurgy industry. Shanghai International Powder Metallurgy Exhibition establishes brand image for enterprises, promotes trade cooperation and market development, leads industry trends, strengthens the interaction of production, research and development and sales, deeply understands the new trend of domestic powder metallurgy market development in the future, excavates the new demand of future powder metallurgy market with the development perspective, innovates the connotation of the exhibition, and organizes professional audiences in all directions and at multiple levels to participate in the exhibition. Enterprises and participating businessmen provide the best platform for technical exchange, product display and trade negotiation.
Ningbo Jingda Forming Equipment Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the exhibition and showed the latest powder forming machine product - FY powder forming machine to exhibitors.
FY Powder Molding Machine for Jingda Products
Jiang Wenlong, general manager of powder metallurgy products department, led the marketing team to show the products of Jingda Company and powder metallurgy in an all-round way. Chairman Zheng Liangcai, General Manager Li Yongjian and Vice-President Zheng Gong visited the exhibition site for guidance and inspection.

At the successful conclusion of the exhibition, Ningbo Jingda Formal Equipment Co., Ltd. exhibited the latest products of the company, absorbed the exhibition customers, consolidated the existing cooperative relationship, excavated a large number of potential customers, and laid a solid foundation for the development of the market.