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Chairmans Wishes
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Zheng Liangcai  


JDM Jingda Machine


Thank you very much for your interests in JDM. I appreciate your understanding, trust and support. This is JDM’s drive to move forward. For further development, JDM will continue focusing on innovation and technology; continue adhering to the company’s mission “revitalize the national industry”. We aim to build top level equipment for the industry and become the leader in China domestic market as well as the global market.

Over 20 years, JDM keep our values “Friendly, dedicated, loyal, innovative, offering you a win-win” and we hold a great relationship with our customers all around the world.” JDM draws inspiration from international technological advancement. We have top range manufacturing and testing equipment. We work closely with many international companies and we have invited many domestic and foreign, well known experts, to help improve our techniques and management standards. JDM has over 20 years of development; we strive to maintain our position as the No. 1 in China with heater exchanger equipment and the biggest manufacturer in our field. Looking ahead, we will keep making great strides forward to maintain our international standards; try our best to always produce top quality automatic production equipment and give the best services in our marketplace. We strongly believe that our professional approach over the next several years will rank us as one of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Let’s make progress together, my friends, and create a better future together!