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Characteristics and application scope of press equipment
2018-04-20 15:15:00
Characteristics of Press Equipment
1. The high-precision characteristics of precise pressure and displacement closed-loop control of press equipment are incomparable to those of other types of press.
2. The whole process curve of pressing force and displacement of press equipment can be displayed on LCD touch screen; the whole process control can automatically determine whether the product is qualified or not at any stage of operation, and remove the defective products in real time, so as to realize on-line quality management.
3. Press equipment pressing force, pressing depth, pressure speed and holding time can all be numerically inputted on the operation panel.
4. Press equipment can be customized, stored and called 100 sets of pressing procedures; seven pressing modes of press equipment can be selected to meet your different technological needs;
5. Press equipment connects computers through external ports. Press equipment can store press data in computers to ensure the traceability of product processing data and facilitate the management of production quality control.


Scope of application of press equipment
1. Press Equipment Automotive Industry: Engine Component Pressing (Cylinder Head, Cylinder Liner, Oil Seal, etc.) Steering Component Pressing, etc.
2. Motor industry of press equipment: press assembly of micro-motor components (spindle, shell, etc.) motor components (bearing, spindle, etc.).
3. Press equipment electronics industry: PCB assembly pressing (plug-in, etc.), electronic parts pressing.
4. Press equipment and other industries: household appliances industry, machinery industry and other occasions requiring precise CNC pressure displacement and pressure.


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